Mrs. Kelly? Where’d You Go?

Hello Everyone!

I has been a loooooooong while since I’ve visited the blog! Did you miss me? Well, I’m going to update you on what’s been happening in and outside of A-3!

The Summer of 2015

I have named Summer 2015: The Summer of Name Badges because between June and August I gained a nice collection of them. I spent a lot of time building my professional development skills in many different areas. I also was able to travel this summer. I attended the National PTA Convention in Charlotte,NC; the NEA Representative Assembly in Orlando, FL; and the NCAE Instructional Leadership Institute in Raleigh, NC. I’ll share some of my favorite highlights of each!

National PTA Convention

This was my first time attending this event! It was exciting to interact with so many parents and community members who are working to make strong schools. I volunteered at the NEA Booth to distribute information about community engagement and partnerships, social justice and diversity literature, and other information. I also had the opportunity to hear then-US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan speak to the audience.


Look at all these cool pins I received from other State PTAs!



 NEA Representative Assembly 2015

Shortly after Charlotte, I was on the road to Orlando! I was excited to represent my state and local association in the largest gathering of teachers in the United States! I spent my birthday and 6 additional days in Fl doing the work of advocating for the teaching profession and public education. I exercised my leadership skills by working on a state committee (New Business Items) and watching teachers work for the needs of each other and our students.


NCAE Instructional Leadership Institute

In early August, I attended a 4-day training to build knowledge around the Common Core standards and how to become an instructional leader within and outside the classroom. I was extremely nervous to attend, being the only music teacher. However, I was excited because I was able to bring different perspectives to  our discussions. You may ask why a music teacher needs to know about the Common Core standards.

I’m glad you asked! Music IS a core subject! Also, in the arts, we integrate math, literacy, science, and social studies throughout our own national and state curriculum. This opportunity gave me a chance to really dig deep into understanding where the Core standards came from, looking into the math and literacy standards at length, and how can we encourage these standards in our community for student success.

I know and totally understand that Common Core is a hotly debated topic. So, I had to find out for myself. There are a ton of misconceptions and confusion around the standards. However, our students need clear and strong standards in order for them to be ready to compete with their global peers. The arts play an important role in preparing our students to be creative thinkers so we definitely need to know how to use the standards in our own classrooms.

I truly enjoyed this experience and I was able to share it with other educators across the state of NC. I also had the opportunity to meet the current NC Teacher of the Year Keana Triplett and State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson! Heavy Hitters right there!

IMG_20150731_122843 IMG_20150729_195634 IMG_20150728_123508


Since school has started, I have been putting all of the skills I learned this summer to good use! I’ll share in my next post what I have been up to since school started!




Gifts for the Music Room!

Hello Everyone!

I received a gift through the redditgifts exchange for Teachers! This is what I posted and pics of what I got! This made my heart happy!

I’m very full of gratitude! From the heartfelt letter (from someone who GETS IT) to the variety of items, this gift is just the positive boots to begin the school year! Sometimes, the music room gets overlooked because of the focus on other core subjects. Music is a core subject! I received some great Expo dry erase markers, music borders and decorations, I <3 Music pencils, music note goodies, staff maker, and can I mention this heartfelt letter again! Thank you so much for this! Best Thing Ever!

Photo Aug 29, 3 51 10 PM Photo Aug 29, 3 46 41 PM Photo Aug 29, 3 31 18 PM



Off to a “Note”-able Start!

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!!

I am really excited to get the blog back up and running to document the musical adventures that we will have in the coming months! So, what exactly have I been doing to prepare for the year?

Summer Classes

  • I spent my summer vacation doing lots of fun things, but I also did some learning. I attended Edmodo-Con and learned about global storytelling. I also learned about how to be a better education advocate through attending the NEA RA Convention in Denver, CO! ( I flew in a plane and I HATE planes!! 🙁 )

    Me in Denver with the Big Blue Bear!

Tech Tools

  • I also found some new technology that I am going to use in my classroom this year. The first one is called Plickers, which is a paper-based system similar to SmartResponse. I use SmartResponse with my 3rd-5th graders, but I am going to use Plickers with my K-2nd graders! So excited! I am also going to use QR codes in my class this year. A QR code is a data square that holds different types of information.


  • Ahh, the decorations! So for the last 2 years, my boards have had a tech theme. Last year, I had a foursquare board and a Twitter Board. The year before, I had an iPad board. This year, I’ve gone all out!! My main board is an Instagram Board with the different areas of music, a Twitter Board for student work, a Music News board with a Facebook theme, and a ClassDojo Board! They aren’t super fancy, but I think they are cool!
  • 14 - 5 14 - 2 14 - 1 14 - 4 20140827_110352 20140827_110346 20140827_110338


I can’t wait to put all of these things to good use! Here we go!



Picture Post!

Here are some pictures of students at work in the Music Room!





Busy, busy, busy! In the first two pictures, my Kindergarten students are creating rhythm patterns with animal names. In the last two pictures, my 2nd graders are composing So-Mi melodies with a partner. They are going to perform these melodies with “found sounds” (instruments made from recycled materials), combining music and science!

Where Has Mrs. Kelly Been??

Hello Everyone!

I’m back on the blog! Yeah, I know. I haven’t posted since September! That’s terrible. 🙁 But it hasn’t been because I didn’t want to, I’ve just been so busy! Here’s what’s been happening in the music room.


All the students at MRES have been working very hard! In Kindergarten, we have been exploring musical opposites (high/low, loud/soft) but we have been combining that with instruments We’ve been working on how to create a musical story and how sounds change when they are close and far away.  First graders explored November and December holidays from Veteran’s Day to Kwanzaa. Second and third graders are working with melody and the pitches do, re, mi and so. Fourth grade spent several weeks learning about and attending The Nutcracker Ballet. Fifth grade is still learning about composers and pieces for their trip to see the NC Symphony.

Honors Choir

Fall into winter was a busy time for the MRES Honors Choir. We had the privilege of performing at the November PTA meeting for NC General Assembly Representative Marvin Lucas. Then we performed again in December, along with the 2nd and 3rd graders, plus the MRES Orchestra! Talk about a packed house! While we were preparing for our concerts, we joined an Edmodo group with the Cannon Choir, in Texas, directed by Mr. Lollis! How cool is that! We post videos of songs and performances, and the students give each other positive feedback!


Speaking of technology, the Music Room is getting an iPad Mini!!! It’s just 1, but I can’t wait to start using it! JcPenny’s donated to my classroom project on Adopt-A! This donation/grant allowed me to purchase an iPad Mini to do small group work with students in the music room. If you want to donate to getting us more iPad Minis, you can send me a message or comment below!


Well, was that enough?! I hope you feel caught up! Happy New Year 2014!!


Mrs. Kelly


Tech in the Music Room!

14 days into the start of the school year and the Music Room is buzzing with sound!

It has been a whirlwind of activity in A-3 as we kick off learning in the world of music. The theme for 2013-2014 is “Check Your Brain In and Explore Music” I’ve set up my classroom to mimic a foursquare theme (for those of you you are tech savvy and app crazy- Along with fourquare, I also have a Twitter-themed Student Work Board. I’ll update my post with pictures soon!

To keep students engaged in what we are doing, I am embracing technology in my classroom. I will be using the tools I started using last year to include ClassDojo and Edmodo (see this post here). I’m so excited about the new tools that I’ll be using this year to include (butdefinitely not limited to) Animoto, Blubbr, Powtoon and Zondle! Wheeeew! That’s a LOT! Many of these tools are kid-friendly and will help reinforce what we are doing in class.

If you have any questions about the tools we are using or what to see any of them in action, just let me know!


Mrs. Kelly 🙂

Back to School!

Hello Everyone!


Goodbye Summer, Hello New School Year!

It’s the start of a fresh new year, here at Morganton Road!! I had a great summer vacation, but I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get back to work making music in the classroom! The Theme of this year is  “Check Your Brain In and Explore Music!”. If you visit the Music Room, you’ll see I have a Foursquare-themed classroom, encouraging students to check out all the different things that we will do in music class.

One of the best parts about starting the year is giving a “sneak peek” into what we will be doing. I’ll be back to tell you all the cool tools that we will have in the music room!

Welcome Back,

Mrs. Kelly

Welcome 2013!

Whoa!! Where did 2012 go?

Well, 2013, welcome! But before I jump into what we are doing in 2013, let’s review all of the awesome things that the music students have done in 2012!


  • In the 2nd 9 weeks, K students have been working with opposites in music: fast/slow, loud/soft, high/low. In addition, we have been learn how adding instrument sounds to stories make them more interesting!

First Grade

  • In the 2nd 9 weeks, 1st Grade students were learning about cultural celebrations around the world. In November, we covered Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving. In December, we covered Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Winter activities. We sang songs, played games, and had lots of fun!

Second Grade

  • In the 2nd 9 weeks, 2nd Grade students worked on how to be a great performers! This showed as they did an exceptional job performing at the MRES Winter Concert, singing 2 selections. Also, during this time, we worked on identifying so-mi pitches in songs and covering December holidays.

Third Grade

  • In the 2nd 9 weeks, 3rd Grade students worked on learning the different families of the orchestra. We got to see and hear instruments from the brass, string, woodwind and percussion family to prepare for our January field trip to see Peter and the Wolf performed by the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra.

Fourth Grade

  • In the 2nd 9 weeks, the fourth grade students spent the first half learning all about Piotr Tchaikovsky and his musical work, The Nutcracker Ballet. In early December, we took our trip to see the ballet performed by the North Carolina State Ballet. When we returned, we created video reviews to critique the ballet performance.

Fifth Grade

  • It’s been all about the North Carolina Symphony in 5th grade. These students have been learning about different composers from different time periods to prepare for our trip in Feb/March. While talking about the composers, we have been discussing the elements of music, such as tempo, dynamics, and mood. We’ve used different ways to talk about the elements; using scarves and bouncing balls for tempo and even creating handshakes to talk about musical introductions.

So, did you get all of that? I hope that you can tell that we’ve really been working hard in the music room. Post a comment about what you think about the things that we have been covering!


Mrs. Kelly 🙂

9 Weeks Wrap-Up!!


We have been busy, busy Longhorns here in the Music Room, and let me tell you, it has paid off! We have spent this week taking our Music assessments, showing off all that we have learned. We have been showing our smarts in

  • Kindergarten: Opposites in Music-Fast/Slow, High/Low, Vocal Timbres (4 Kinds of Voices), Locomotor/Non-Locomotor movement
  • 1st Grade: Dynamics (Piano/Forte), Pitched/Unpitched Instruments
  • 2nd Grade: Rhythm Symbols/Values/Patterns (Quarter note/Eighth Notes/Quarter Rests), AB/ABA form
  • 3rd Grade: Star Spangled Banner, Rhythm Symbols/Values/Patterns (Quarter note/Eighth Notes/Quarter Rests)
  • 4th Grade: Star Spangled Banner, NC Artists & Music Genres
  • 5th Grade: Star Spangled Banner, Rhythm Symbols/Values/Patterns (Quarter note/Eighth Notes/Sixteenth Notes/Quarter Rests)

In 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade, we used the Smart Response XE clickers to take our music assessment. The clickers, similar to today’s smartphones, were a big hit with the students!

Next week, all classes will participate in Music Fun Day activities as a reward for positive classroom behavior. Based on the number of stars (stars=5 mins), classes will play a music related game, giving the students a break from a typical music lesson.

Bring on the fun!! Until next time….

And the winners are…..

Well, I can’t tell you that!

But I can tell you that Honors Choir auditions were very successful! I had a total of 63 4th/5th graders come and audition for a coveted spot in the MRES Honors Choir. (That’s a whole grade level of students!) Out of the 63 that auditioned, 31 were selected to represent a portion of musical talent here at our school. I am very excited to begin working with these students. Our first rehearsal is this coming week, so now I have to find some extra chairs!

Have a great weekend!